About the Project


The City of Aberdeen is a vibrant, growing community that provides many recreational opportunities throughout the area. Community growth has pushed City boundaries in new directions and trails can provide critical links for residents of all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds as well as important options for commuting. Recreational trails improve the quality-of-life for every citizen.

The City of Aberdeen has an extensive and beloved trail system. However, while recent segments of trail have helped improve connectivity, gaps remain in new developments along the periphery of the community, as
well as into the heart of downtown. North-South connections are especially challenging due to railroad crossings and narrow rights-of-way or limited shoulder areas along roadways. This project will build on Aberdeen’s strong regional trail system and identify a desired network of routes that connect the community, along with policies and strategies to support growth of this system.

Purpose of the Study

There are six objectives identified by SDDOT and the City of Aberdeen to complete the study. These objectives are:

  1. Identify priority corridors that connect Aberdeen’s residential areas with the downtown, the university campuses, schools, parks, and commercial areas with recreational trails.

  2. Turn community visions into actionable projects to become at least a bronze level bronze level bicycle friendly community. Projects should be prioritized by the community through a thorough and engaging public process.

  3. Develop a comprehensive recreational trails network plan that allows every resident to access a safe and comfortable facility.

  4. Identify the strategies and performance measures that will guide the planning, funding, and implementation of future projects.

  5. Develop feasible solutions to address the issues and needs of the community. Solutions should meet current design standards and/or level of service expectations under both the current and predicted future transportation conditions, while promoting a livable community that will enhance the economic and social well-being of Aberdeen area residents. Special emphasis should be given on solutions that can be achieved with a retrofit within the current transportation system.

  6. Create final products for use by the City of Aberdeen, Brown County and the SDDOT which will provide guidance to implement recommended trail network improvements.

Study Advisory Committee (SAC)

A Study Advisory Committee (SAC) has been formed to guide the study through completion. The SAC is comprised of representatives from the SDDOT, City of Aberdeen, and the Aberdeen community. Members of the SAC are:

  • Brett Bill, Aberdeen City Planner

  • Robin Bobzien, Aberdeen Public Works

  • Jeff Brosz, SDDOT- Transportation Inventory Management

  • David Bunsness, Aberdeen City Council

  • Doug Farrand, Aberdeen Park Board

  • Paul Fauth, Aberdeen Community Representative

  • Steve Gramm, SDDOT Project Development

  • Mark Hoven, Aberdeen Parks and Recreation

  • Doug Johnson, Director- Aberdeen parks and Recreation

  • Lynn Lander, Aberdeen City Manager

  • Dave McNeil, Aberdeen Police Chief

  • Logan Pickner, SDDOT Transportation Engineer

  • Matt Prehn, Aberdeen Park Board President

  • Jeff Senst, SDDOT Aberdeen Region

Project Schedule

This project kicked off in August 2018 and will run through July 2019. 

In this time, project staff will hold working study advisory team meetings, park board presentations, and open house events to share information and gather your ideas about trails in Aberdeen.

Project Staff

Steve Gramm

South Dakota Department of Transportation

Steve Gramm is a Project Development Manager for the South Dakota Department of Transportation. With experience representing SDDOT on a wide array of transportation planning projects, Steve will be working closely with the planning team to monitor the completion of this plan in accordance with the goals and objectives outlined by the Study Advisory Committee.

Wendy Van Duyne


Wendy is the project manager for Stantec, the consultant on the project. She brings
12 years of design, project management and public engagement experience, including experience with similar trail projects.

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